Stock Market 101: Fundamental Analysis

Stock Market 101: Fundamental Analysis

16th July 2022, Sat 06:00 PM

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What our attendees say about our Seminar

" As someone who isnt a business major, i understood how the stock market works, most importantly, i learned how to pick stocks based on what they're really worth. "

" The thing I like most about it that it was a very informative seminar. The resource speaker provided some methods, the trading platform and the tools we can use if we want to invest in the stock market. He also showed realistic situations on how we can prepare in the process of investing and how we can actually do it ourselves online. "

" How the speaker and the entire team was so accomodating. Definitely have learned something despite my bad connection yesterday due to the weather. Zoom was good "

" Actually everything because it gives me a lot of ideas. "

" As a beginner, the speaker did not fail to achieve the aim of the seminar - which is to provide the fundamental basics of stock trading. Initially, there were terms used which I am unfamiliar with, but as the seminar progresses, I started to understand them since the speaker is using them in real-life examples of stock trading. Looking forward to more seminars in the future. "

" The basic terminologies on stock markets are well explained such as: stocks, preferred share, commo share, dividends, price value, market value, etc. "

" Basic knowledge of how to invest in the stock market. "

" I like how the host delivered his seminar. It was very informative! "

" presentation and not needing to physically attend the seminar "

" When the speaker discussed about what to select stocks that is feasible or appropriate to buy in certain economic conditions. "

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Most people invest in mutual funds. But did you know that you can also learn the skills needed to invest in the stock market and be your own fund manager? You just need to learn how to select the right stocks to invest in. Anyone who invests correctly through proper training, will surely make a lot of gains in their stock investments. 

Learn how to spot the right company to invest in the Stock Market using Fundamental Analysis from beginner to PRO in this seminar.

The seminar is composed of two parts:
1. Basics of Investing Stock Market- for those who have no basic knowledge in investing (2 hours)
2. Intro To Advanced Fundamental Analysis- for those who want to know more advanced strategies in investing such as reading financial reports of companies and financial analysis (2-3 hours)


1. What are stocks
-What is the purpose of the stock market
-Managers, Business Owners, Investors
-What is a Stock Certificate
-How to read a Stock Certificate
2. Stock Market Basics
-Direct Investing (Stock Brokers)
-Managed Funds
-How Banks Make Money
-Case Study: The Milktea Business
3. Two major kinds of stocks
-Common Stock
-Preferred Stock
-How To Compute the Dividends to Preferred Stock
-How To Compute the Dividends to Common Stock
-Corporation Organizational Structure
-Common Stockholders, Duties and Powers
-Board of Directors, Duties and Powers
-Chairman of the Board, Duties and Powers
-CEO, CFO, COO - Duties and Powers
4. Eight Types of Common Stocks
5. Stock Market Indexes
-What is the PSE index (PSEi)
-How is the PSEi Computed
-What is the Dow Jones
-What is the S&P 500
6. Concept of Valuation
-Difference Between Book Value and Market Value
-Book Value Per Share
-Price Per Share
-Earnings Per Share
-Dividends Per Share
-Return on Equity
-P/E Ratio
-Earnings Yield
-Dividend Yield
-How to Derive Earnings Yield from P/E Ratio
7. Two Ways To Do Security Analysis
-What is Technical Analysis
-Simple Fundamental Analysis: Bollinger Bands
-What is Fundamental Analysis
-Criticisms to Fundamental Analysis
8. Important Guidelines to follow before investing in Stocks
9. Two Ways to do Fundamental Analysis
-Top Down
-Bottom Up
-Video Clip Presentation: Wolf of Wall Street
10. How The Economy Affects Which Stock To Buy
-Inflation Rate
-Effects of GDP
-How is GDP Computed
-Direct Investments
-Government Spending
-Net Exports
-Interest Rates
-Money Supply
-Unemployment Rate
9. How To Identify Which Industries to Invest in the Stock Market (Porter's 5 Forces)
-Bargaining Power of Suppliers
-Bargaining Power of Buyers
-Industry Rivalry
-Threat of Substitutes
-Threat of New Entrants
10. How Events Happening in a Country Affect which Stocks to Buy
-National Economy
-Government and Politics
-And more
11. How To Compare one Company's Performance with another Company's Performance
12. How To Identify if the Company You Are Buying Has an Upcoming Financial Problem in the Future
-What is the company's Sector Classification?
-What is the company's Industry Classification?
-How To Get Company Financial Statements
13. Using the Internet to Analyze a Company
-Step by Step Instruction on how to get the company's Financial Data
-Income Statement
-Balance Sheet
-Cash Flows
14. Peso Cost Averaging - Investing without worrying
15. How to Invest in the International Stock Market - Going outside the Philippines
TITLE OF SEMINAR: Stock Market 101: Fundamental Analysis

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: All those who want to learn how to invest in the stock market locally or globally directly without the use of fund managers. Meaning you will be the one to select the stock yourself.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

***Do not settle for low quality seminars. Choose quality seminars. You get what you pay for. We promise only good quality seminars or your money back. A peso invested in learning is worth millions if used properly to reach your goals.

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Date 16th July 2022, Sat
From: 06:00 PM
To: 10:00 PM
1 Ticket = ₱1,499.00
2 to 100 Tickets = ₱599.00
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What our attendees say about our Seminar

" Aside from the speaker is reliable and knowledgeable in his field, the topics and lessons tackled was worth it and he provide situational example for better understanding. "

" On how to calculate ratios and the introduction to etoro "

" When the speaker discussed about what to select stocks that is feasible or appropriate to buy in certain economic conditions. "

" The examples presented were very basic and the explanation was simple to understand-it was really for the newbies! "

" It significantly gave me additional knowledge in stock market investing "

" I learned the Pros and cons when buying stocks, the different formula and how to invest in stock market "

" I liked how you used the example of a business (in this case, the "Milk Tea Business") to connect and explain the important numbers to watch out for in the stock market. It was easier to understand that way compared to just giving a definition. Mark was very generous with his knowledge and expertise. It was not just about going through the checklist of topics for him. Despite the time constraint, he made sure we understood each area. Of course, you can only cram so much within 4 hours. I think this is value for money and I learned and understood things more in this half-day seminar than I did in some others I attended in the past. "

" It was wonderful! The speaker made sure no one was confused before moving forward, every single question was answered to the point we had to extend in order to cover it all. So, despite all the information, I did not get information overload and got them all. Kudos! "

" The basic terminologies on stock markets are well explained such as: stocks, preferred share, commo share, dividends, price value, market value, etc. "

" The Speaker clearly explain about stock market. kulang lang po sa oras "

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