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Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision

To be the most reputable and renowned source of innovative financial knowledge and financial services that improve the personal finances, businesses and careers of our clients.

Our Mission

We provide quality and affordable financial seminars, financial consultancy and financial products to individuals and businesses globally.

We commit to continuously improve the quality of our people by providing world class training to serve our clients with utmost dedication and professionalism.

We use the latest technology, foresight and team work to continually expand in key cities, thus making a huge impact in uplifting the quality of life of Filipinos and ultimately improving our country’s economy.

Our Services

Why FinancePH Seminars

Finance Expertise

Unlike other seminar providers, we only conduct finance and business related seminars.

100% Money Back

If you do not like our seminar you will receive 100% money back***

Trusted Since 2014

We have several happy and repeat clients since 2014.

Online Graduate List

Graduates are shown in our website and visible to potential employers.

Certificate of Completion

All attendees will receive an online certificate after passing exam after the seminar.

Free Handouts

Our seminars come with free handouts so you can review the discussions.*

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Attend, Learn, Implement, Grow

Here are our upcoming FinancePH Seminars

Accounting 201 - Basic Management Accounting

Monday July 26, 2021 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Management Accounting should be learned by all businessman who wants to grow. It allows you to use your accounting data to make better business decisions....

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Entrepreneurship 101: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Thursday July 29, 2021 06:00 pm - 10:00 pm

Wanting to start a business but afraid and do not know how? Let us help you!...

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Attend, Learn, Implement, Grow

Here are our upcoming FinancePH Seminars

What our attendees say about our Seminar

VAT & Percentage Tax 101 Seminar (Includes SLSP)

" I enjoyed the amount of information I learned in the short period of 4 hours, the speaker was able to elaborate and explain the topic and revise with us incredibly well. "

Entrepreneurship 101: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

" 1. IT's really for beginners like me. 2. The speaker shared his career ups and downs. 3. He recommended websites and books. "

Financial Accounting 101 For Entrepreneurs and Professionals

" The webinar is very comprehensive and I am really learning a lot especially for newbies as practitioners "

VAT & Percentage Tax 101 Seminar (Includes SLSP)

" i learned a lot from the topic. The speaker is so approachable and explains well to the question asked by the attendees. "

Stock Market 101: Fundamental Analysis

" The speaker gave valuable information and didn't limit his teaching. I like that he kept asking us questions to make sure that we're following correctly. "

Withholding Tax 101 Seminar (Includes Alphalist)

" I really enjoyed this seminar/training. I learned a lot and very informative. Ms. Belle is a great speaker indeed, given limited time she was able to answer and clarify all the questions addressed to her. I may say that its worth the penny I spend. Congrats FinancePH, looking forward for more meaningful seminar/training like this. "

Business, Economic and Stock Market Forecast for 2021

" I liked how the speaker clearly explained and discussed the topic and how he managed to answer the questions from the attendees. "

Withholding Tax 101 Seminar (Includes Alphalist)

" The content of the seminar is very concise and updated. The speaker explained very well all the topics. "

Income Tax 101 for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Professionals

" It's easy to understand, the definition of every income tax term related is so simple. The DO's and DONT's in the filing were properly elaborated. "

Financial Accounting 101 For Entrepreneurs and Professionals

" I liked the explanation of the speaker and the aesthetic of the presentation slides because I was able to understand the topic better and retain a good amount of information. "