Stock Market 101: Fundamental Analysis

Attendee Reviews

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Mark Dennis Liong

Occupation: Business Application Officer


"The webinar was very informative and eye opener for me."


Location: Region IV-B

Maricel Quibuyen

Occupation: Government Employee

Location: Region IV-B

"About financial management"

Rosechelle Cauyan

Occupation: Loans Bookkeeper

Location: Region IV-B

"On how can we analyze the stock market and its earnings per share"


Location: Region IV-B

Joanna Rose Nono

Occupation: Government Employee

Location: Region IV-B

"Very easy to understand."

Rutchell Gauranoc

Occupation: College Instructor

Location: Region IV-B

"The speaker explained well the topics and it is easy to understand and very relevant"

Maricel Marfil


Location: NCR

"The last seminar I attended was interesting, informative and helpful especially to those who are beginners that wants to invest in the stock market."

Xandra Dawn Russell

Occupation: Staff

Location: Region IV-B

"Very clear and informative"

Jun Mar Villarosa

Occupation: Electrical Engineer

Location: Region VII

"I really like the topic, I learn a lot of knowledge on how to invest in stock market."

Christelle Anne Dulay

Occupation: Instructor

Location: Region IV-B

"I like that the speaker shared everything from his basic to fundamental knowledge and experience with understandable explanation."


Location: NCR

Ana Michele Nacaytuna

Occupation: Real Estate Broker


"The speaker provided topics to broaden our understanding of stock analysis with the use of fundamental analysis."


Location: Region VII

Anny Cloveries Gabayan


Location: Region IV-B

"Informative. I learned a lot in just 4 hours."

Jonalyn Tamayo

Occupation: Senior Auditor

Location: Region VII

"Because I was satisfied"

Gwen Enciso-kyamko

Occupation: Lawyer

Location: NCR

"The seminar gives me more knowledge than what I expected. Hoping to have a follow-up seminar soon so I can apply the theories learned."

Grace Balolong

Occupation: Private employee

Location: Region IV-B

"Very interesting and informative specially for beginners like us who are yet fully familiar with stock market."

Eden Mabanglo

Occupation: Admin Staff

Location: Region IV-B

"Very Informative"

Ritchie Saulon

Occupation: Admin Staff

Location: Region IV-B

"Actually everything because it gives me a lot of ideas."