Entrepreneurship 101: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship 101: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

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What our attendees say about our Seminar

" The seminar is although theoretical, it is served as a practical guide on how to be an effective entrepreneur. "

" I like how the seminar flows smoothly. It was a good experience for me as a student who plans to create a lifestyle business. "

" The seminar was very informative especially for me who is someone new to these. It was also not overwhelming and it was not boring - which is very rare in seminars. "

" That i was able to learn so much about entering a business, what things to consider and so much more. "

" I liked the fact that the speaker, himself, is well versed with business management as well as his experiences including informative ideas on how to avoid loosing money. Also, I liked the way how the seminar went well with real-life examples that can be applicable to conducting a business enterprise. "

" The topics that were discussed and the way the speaker explain the terminologies using real life examples for us to understand better. "

" Easy to understand, updated information about the topic, and not that pricey. "

" The speaker is very good at delivering the discussion. The topics are timely and relevant. "

" I really received a comprehensive view of entrepreneurship. "

" 1. IT's really for beginners like me. 2. The speaker shared his career ups and downs. 3. He recommended websites and books. "

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[Online Seminar] Do you want to be a successful entrepreneur? Do you want to have a business but don't know how to identify or create a good business idea? Then join our Entrepreneurship 101 seminar.

Let us help you develop good entrepreneurship skills, brainstorm startup business ideas, explore different business models including modern ones, validate your ideas, identify business funding sources and tie your hobbies, passion, skills and experience to your new business idea.

Topic Outline:

-What is entrepreneurship
-Modern Day Heroes Called Entrepreneurs
-Types of Innovations
-Sustaining Innovations
-Efficiency Innovations
-Competitive Innovations
-Market Creating Innovations
-Entrepreneurship as a solution to poverty in your community
-10 Myths of entrepreneurship
Entrepreneurs are Born To Be Entrepreneurs
Entrepreneurship if Pure Fun
Entrepreneurs need to be very smart and talented
Starting a new business guarantees time freedom
Building a business needs a large capital
The only main requirement to succeed is a good business idea
Launching a company quickly leads to wealth
There’s a secret sauce to success
Entrepreneurs are usually rich
Quitting is for losers
-What is an entrepreneur
-What are the common personality types of entrepreneurs
Meyer-Briggs Type Indicator (ENTP, ISFJ, etc.)
Strengths Based Model (Commander, etc.)
-Mindset and Characteristics needed to be an entrepreneur
-Lifecycle of a Business
-Risks of Entrepreneurship
-Statistics of Entrepreneurs Who Fail in the First 5 years
-Different Types of Incomes
-Different Types of Entrepreneurs
Side-business Entrepreneurs
Lifestyle Entrepreneurs
Startup Founders
Social Entrepreneurs
-Product vs Service
-Software as Service (SAAS)
-What are the different business models
-13 Traditional Business Models
-23 Internet Based Business Models
-5 Unusual Business Models
-6 Strategy Based Business Models
-Process of Opportunity Recognition
-Process of Idea Validation
-The Lean Startup Framework
-Creating a Minimum Viable Product
-Different Sources of Funding
-Bonus: Things I wish I knew before starting a business so I would not lose millions along the way. I will teach you how to avoid the same mistakes I did in the past.
End of Entrepreneurship 101

For Part 2 (Another Schedule): Entrepreneurship 102
-Components of a Great Business Idea
-7 ways to come up with business ideas
-Four Areas of Innovation in the Value Chain
-Five Types of Business Improvements
-Idea Builder/ScratchPad
-The Entrepreneur as an Important Part of the Business Plan
-4 Factors about you that you need to connect with your business plan
-Using your hobbies and hobbies to help you validate your business
-Is your skills and experience enough to hep you with your business
-Creating Your Business Plans and One Pagers
-Importance of Mission and Vision
-Importance of Organizational Chart
-Importance of Process Mapping
-Basic Flow Charting Symbols
-Simple Industry Profitability Analysis
-Simple Macro Economic Viability Analysis
-Legal Process in Creating a Business
-Name Generation
-Barangay Clearance
-Mayor’s Permit
-BIR Registration and Official Receipts
-Regulatory Bodies
-How To Create A Simple Business Plan
-And more
TITLE OF SEMINAR: Entrepreneurship 101: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: People who don't have a business but want to start a business. People who have a business but want to improve entrepreneurship skills. People who want to be inspired to become an entrepreneur

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

1. Mark Joseph T. Fernandez, CPA, RFC, AFA, CWP, CEP is the founder and chairman of the FinancePH Group of Companies. At a very young age he was able to start several businesses including: financial services company, transportation company, training and consultancy company, software development company and more.

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Date: September 29, 2021
Time: Seminar Starts 06:00PM and ends 10:00PM
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Date 29th September 2021, Wed
From: 06:00 PM
To: 10:00 PM
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