VAT & Percentage Tax 101 Seminar (Includes SLSP)

VAT & Percentage Tax 101 Seminar (Includes SLSP)

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2 to 100 Tickets = ₱579.00
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What our attendees say about our Seminar

" I was so grateful we had a reliable facilitator as she was able to tackle the latest updates particularly the allocation of input tax to vat exempt sales and the amortization of input tax from capital goods. It was very helpful in general. "

" Informative and relevant to our current update today "

" Because of the content of the webinar and also I was very amaze on how the speaker imparted such relevant information about the topics. "

" What I like the most about the seminar is the Q&A portion because it gave us a chance and opportunity to have some clarification about the seminar. "

" Interesting part are the issuance of Sales Invoice and Official Receipt (OR) that client may claim it both for their VAT as a references. That clearly affect the company that I am connected with as we are using both documents on sales and collections. "

" It was a refresher for me and increased my understanding about the topic discussed. "

" The speaker is knowledgeable and all queries were answered "

" The Q&A part and the interaction with the attendees "

" The seminar was highly informative. The speaker as well was very knowledgeable and experienced and discusses the topic ang concepts really well. "

" I enjoyed the amount of information I learned in the short period of 4 hours, the speaker was able to elaborate and explain the topic and revise with us incredibly well. "

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[Learn More, Earn More] This seminar is intended for those who want to understand more about VAT, Percentage Tax. Applicable for Non-Vat and Vat-table business owners.
1. Concept of Business Taxes
2. How to calculate Percentage Tax
3. Changes in Percentage tax (CREATE)
4. Impact of Income tax calculation on percentage tax reporting.
5.Percentage Tax versus VAT
6.What is Value Added Tax
7.How and when to recognize Output VAT
8.How and when to recognize Input VAT
9.Basic Rules on VAT filing and reporting
10.How to prepare the Summary list of Sales and Purchases
1. Malaman kung VAT ba or percentage tax ang babayaran
2. Matuto mag compute ng percentage tax
3. Matuto mag compute ng VAT
4. Matuto kung paano pababain ang percentage tax or VAT sa tamang paraan
5. Matuto kung paano gumawa ng Summary list of Sales and Purchases.
6. Matuto kung ano pa ang mga ibang taxes applicable sa iyo whether professional, freelancer or business owner.
7. Matuto kung ano pa ang mga ibang requirements ng BIR sa iyo.
TITLE OF SEMINAR: VAT & Percentage Tax 101 Seminar (Includes SLSP)

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Business Owners, Freelancers, Professionals, Sales People, People who want to learn more about taxes specifically on VAT and percentage tax

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

OUR SPEAKER: 1. Ma. Nonabelle Villahermosa, CPA is the CFO - Chief Financial Officer of the FinancePH Group of Companies that has businesses in - financial services (branches in Makati, Iloilo and Pampanga), transportation (Metro Manila), software development (Cebu) and more. This is a Zoom Online Live Seminar *Zoom online seminar is easy to use. Just go to our website 15 minutes before the seminar *Please call or text Lyn at 0905-3462623 if you have questions regarding the seminar. She will be glad to assist you with the entire process. *May view seminar in cellphone android/iOS, laptop, mac. *You can chat your questions during the question and answer portion of the seminar “The best investment, is an investment to yourself.” HOW TO REGISTER: Step#1: Please visit Step#2: Registration and payment is done at the website, just follow instructions Step#3: Payment can be done via bank fund transfer to BPI, BDO, G-Cash, 7-11 MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: If during the first 60 minutes of the seminar you feel that you do not like the topics discussed. Simply end the online meeting and immediately contact us for a refund. We try our best to keep our seminar fee as low as possible. This will cover for the handouts, ecertificates, pay of staff, pay of speakers, overhead, office, admin cost, promotion costs, programmers, website managers, customer service staff.
Step#1: Registration is done at the website, just follow instructions Step#2: Choose seminar you want to join then click "Join Seminar"

Please text the number of our seminar in charge Lyn
Hotline: 0905-3462623

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“The best investment, is an investment to yourself.”

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What our attendees say about our Seminar

" very updated and informative. We learned things that are not readily available from BIR. Particularly the Create Law 1% on percentage tax. "

" The speaker is knowledgeable about the topic discussed "

" Ms Belle answers all the questions with complete know-how. She is also a good trainer. "

" The new learnings I made, the ability of our speaker to relay to us the topic in such a way that it was easy to understand and digest. "

" I like most about the last seminar was about the Percentage tax. "

" most of the topics update my knowledge in processing BIR filing. "

" Ms. Belle is confident answering queries regarding the said topic. "

" The Speaker is very accommodating and patient in addressing all the questions, concerns of the attendees. "

" The detailed discussion of the topic, giving an illustration/excel summary of the different output and input taxes and their way of using it and the knowledge check/case study. "

" About the percentage tax because it has section that clearly explain and applicable to our company. "

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1 Ticket = ₱999.00
2 to 100 Tickets = ₱579.00
Promo Code
EARLYBIRDME : ₱400 Discount
*Use promo code found in post or website for more discounts. Apply the promo code upon payment.