Basic Accounting 101: For Business Owners & Self Employed

Basic Accounting 101: For Business Owners & Self Employed

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What our attendees say about our Seminar

" The information provided and knowledge of the speaker. Everything I learned is useful/applicable to our business "

" It helped me refresh the topics I have learned before and I believe this will surely help me a lot in my work. Thankyou so much. "

" The seminar was very helpful and informative and easy to understand. "

" I find it easy to understand and informative, The speaker is willing to answer questions. I just had problems with the connevtion. "

" The information given by the speaker is digestible for someone like me who has no background in accounting. "

" I like the speaker's detailed demonstration of the accounting processes. The speaker was also very generous to include tax implications in the demo. "

" It was explained clearly and topic was very useful in our business. "

" The speaker prepared an activity and gave us a time to answer it and because of that I can assess the knowledge I have learned in the said seminar. "

" The presentation of slides is great and the speaker "

" It was well explained using examples or situations. I also like how she demonstrate how to record or create entries in a particular transaction. It is very helpful especially to those attendees that don't have background in accounting. "

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[Learn Accounting The Easy Way] Would you like to know how to understand how your accountant creates journal entries, ledgers and financial statements? Would you want to learn how to read financial statements better so you can make better business or investing decisions? Then this seminar is for you.

This course will allow beginners and people with no business or accounting background to understand the basics of accounting. This course was properly crafted to insure that it is discussed in a very simple and easy way.

1. Understand what is accounting, its purpose and the benefits it provides when properly applied to any business.
2. Learn the concepts that make up accounting. Understand the debits and credits which are the basic building blocks of accounting.
3. Appreciate the entire accounting cycle from recording a business transaction (example your business sold a product) to journalizing, posting in your ledger and creating financial statements.
4. Be able to understand and read a financial statement such as Balance Sheet, Income Statement among others.
5. Lastly, be able to understand what your accountant, fund manager, or business owner is saying regarding accounting information.

What is Accounting
Why have an Accounting System
Concept of double entry
-What is a debit
-What is a credit
Accounting Cycle
-Chart of Accounts
-Journal Entry
-Trial Balance
-Adjusting Entries
-Adjusted Trial Balance
-Financial Statements
-Closing Entries
-Closing Trial Balance
Financial Statements
-Balance Sheet
-Income Statement
-Statement of Cashflows
-Statement of Changes in Owner's Equity
-Accounting requirements by the BIR
TITLE OF SEMINAR: Basic Accounting 101: For Business Owners & Self Employed

WHO SHOULD ATTEND: Business Owners, Freelancers, Professionals, Sales People, People who want to learn more about basic accounting.

DIFFICULTY LEVEL: Beginner to Intermediate

1.  Maria Nonabelle Villahermosa, CPA is the CFO - Chief Financial Officer of the FinancePH Group of Companies that has businesses in - financial services (branches in Makati, Iloilo and Pampanga), transportation (Metro Manila), software development (Cebu) and more.

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What our attendees say about our Seminar

" I liked the explanation of the speaker and the aesthetic of the presentation slides because I was able to understand the topic better and retain a good amount of information. "

" Topic on Accruals: The speaker explained it well. "

" the speaker has a characteristics of a knowledgeable seminar speaker "

" Everything discussed in the seminar was so interesting and useful especially to me who has less idea about accounting. Looking forward for more seminars. Thank, anyway! "

" It is very informative and I can rely make use of this with our business. "

" Need more visual examples. Thank you! I started to understand when other participants suggested visual examples. "

" The speaker. She's very accommodating and knowledgeable. "

" I'm so sorry but I was not able to finish the seminar because while the seminar was ongoing, I received a terrible news that the child of our Bible group member passed away. It was so sudden that i couldnt concentrate anymore and inform the speaker about it. She told me that i can just attend the next Accounting 101 if ever. But will appreciate if io can get the Handout so I can review the lesson that was touch and if ever, an advance reading for the lesson/s i have missed during the session. "

" I really loved the energy and passion of the speaker. I appreciate her effort! I learned a lot from this seminar, it made me more financially literate. "

" The seminar is very interactive. The speaker always triggers the mind of the attendees to ask for more coz she always throw questions, questions that will measure the stock knowledge of the attendees. In that manner she will know what approach she will use for us to easily understand the topic. "

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1 Ticket = ₱999.00
2 to 100 Tickets = ₱499.00
Promo Code
EARLYBIRDME : ₱400 Discount
*Use promo code found in post or website for more discounts. Apply the promo code upon payment.