Entrepreneurship 101: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

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Entrepreneurship 101: How To Become A Successful Entrepreneur

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Francia Avorque

Occupation: Aspiring entrepreneur


"The speaker is knowledgeable about his topic."

Idah Cesca Fernandez

Occupation: Personal

Location: NCR

"Hopefully, they would come up with more specialized topics that would greatly encourage the audience to pursue entrepreneurship, aside from the character and traits of becoming an entrepreneur, it would be more exciting to discuss different ideas with regard to the possible new trends for both products and services, market potentials, business vision - present year and perhaps what will happen to businesses in the next 5-10 years so that the audience would have a broader idea of what we can offer to the general public. Also, what are the potential risks in starting a business and what are the different strategies can we make in order to minimize or even to prevent those risks? Thank you :)"

Michele Ang

Occupation: Budding Online Seller

Location: NCR

"Too early to give 5-star rating for teaching something about a vast subject."

Burton Caparroso

Occupation: student


"Avoid small mistakes like forgetting to turn on mic"

Collaine Mara Castillo

Occupation: Baker

Location: Region IV-A

"Topics/content of actual seminar Speaker should be limited; include what is necessary based on the outline;"

Rio O'neil Servidad

Occupation: Freelance Graphic Artist


"The topics that were discussed and the way the speaker explain the terminologies using real life examples for us to understand better."

Irma Lynn Anave

Occupation: IT Professional

Location: Region IV-A

"The speaker definitely has enough knowledge on the topics. Though he has the ability to effectively engage his audience, he lacks time management (was not conscious of the time running out) and too much personal side stories, therefore, the session has overrun for almost 2 hours. The more important topics at the 2nd half(about busness legalities) of the agenda were presented in a hurry and were not properly discussed. More improvement is needed for the speaker to effectively run and host seminars in the future."

Clarisse Co

Occupation: Strategic Events Specialist

Location: NCR

"The session should have been divided into 2."

Angelo Gile

Occupation: OFW

Location: Region IV-A

"It answers my question on how to startup a business"

Charito Sarez

Occupation: Teacher


"Be on time"

Andrea Claire Adajar

Occupation: owner

Location: NCR

"The depth of information, the speaker's genuine desire to share his knowledge, and the well-prepared slides."

Dharlene Dhesirey Gilua

Occupation: Office Staff

Location: NCR

"Listening and inspiring"

Agnes Honorica

Occupation: Office Staff

Location: NCR

"How to run a business"

Mary Ann Ajoc

Occupation: Office Manager

Location: Region VII

"I was honestly satisfied and I learned a lot about enterpreneurship from the zomm seminar"