Basic Accounting 101: For Business Owners & Self Employed

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Basic Accounting 101: For Business Owners & Self Employed

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Lolli Mae Guab

Occupation: Manager

Location: Region IV-A

"This pandemic has pushed everyone’s boundaries and so attending various trainings and seminars online is a must."

Cheryl Baril

Occupation: Government Employee

Location: Region IV-A

"It is informative and convenient."

Lalesca Salvador

Occupation: Junior Staff


"It’s good. I learned a lot."

Evangeline Velasquez

Occupation: Cashier/accounts clerk

Location: Region III

"Has value, or worth it,, kind speaker"

Fan Yang

Occupation: accountant


"Mix language problem"

Rochester Alegre

Occupation: Private

Location: Region III

"Well defined and easy to understand. Please send the presentation slide before the discussion start so that we have some references during the discussion, questions & clarifications. Also add slide number on the presentation for easy references."

Naphtalie Escamis

Occupation: Accounting Associate

Location: Region XI

"Based on my observation and experience."

Suzette Valiente

Occupation: Secretary

Location: Region IV-A

"Simply because i learned what i want and need to learn about."

Darriel Santos

Occupation: Finance Officer

Location: NCR

"Because it is easy to understand"

Carl-an Palmas Agot

Occupation: Supervisor

Location: Region VII

"The seminar is so informative and useful. I am so happy i attended the seminar. It's really worth it ???"

Fernando Victor Iii Manicad

Occupation: Consultant

Location: Region III

"Really good speaker, learned a lot and she wants all to learn. Class was generally handled well, but I think some of my friends would prefer a free seminar. Nevertheless, worth it for me, although I have some background in accounting, so maybe I should have enrolled in tax."

Marlo Enrico Lerit

Occupation: Founder, Managing and Sole Director


"As early as the zoom meeting started, I already shared the said seminar in my Facebook page because I know that this Financial Accounting 101 will be useful to my IT colleagues out there. As an IT Software Engineer with experience in application and web development projects and also supporting Oracle E-Business Suite R12 for Distribution and Financials modules, it is worth my money to recall or refresh my basic accounting knowledge which was since college. Thanks to the speaker, Ms. Belle, for answering my queries throughout the discussion."

Neil Yves Gaviola

Occupation: Architect

Location: Region VII

"very informative especially for beginners."

Norvie Julious Incon

Occupation: Unit Manager

Location: Region VII

"I am 100% satisfied"

Ivy Lopez

Occupation: A/P staff

Location: NCR

"I attest to the speakers wisdom and familiarity with the topic."