Business Tax 101: VAT, Percentage Tax, Withholding Tax

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Business Tax 101: VAT, Percentage Tax, Withholding Tax

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Rosemarie Barra

Occupation: Accounting Assistant

Location: NCR

"reliable and worth it to listen about the seminar"

Ana Michele Nacaytuna

Occupation: Real Estate Broker


"The speaker has been able to communicate the comprehensive topics on a understandable manner using illustrative cases. She is also open to answering all questions right away when necessary."

Yvonne Llevado

Occupation: Accounting Staff

Location: Region XI

"I have learned a lot"

Czarina Anne Encarnacion

Occupation: Accounting staff


"Learns alot and the speaker is very responsive to those who had questions and clarifications."

Neil Yves Gaviola

Occupation: Architect

Location: Region VII

"as a beginner, it's highly informative and educative. The seminar was interactive. The speaker is knowledgeable."

Jennifer Villanueva

Occupation: physician

Location: NCR

"I'm not good with math and I've yet to attend the Income Tax lecture so I have little knowledge on the basics, but I was able to catch up with the discussion. The speaker focused on more difficult concepts and made sure all attendees understood even if it took time. Just a suggestion though, maybe lecturers can have the Q & A portion at the end of every subtopic. Let the questions pile up first then answer them all before moving on. Might save more time instead of answering questions as they come up and get interrupted frequently."

Patricia Cabana

Occupation: Auditor

Location: Region IV-A

"Because i learned from the seminar. I got the basic knowledge that i wanted with respect to business tax."

Mosmira Nebril

Occupation: office staff


"informative and worth"

Lorna Umali

Occupation: Supervisor

Location: Region IV-A

"It is a must to have knowledge on Business tax if you have a business or planning to put up a business."

Florelie Sta Isabel

Occupation: Employee

Location: Region IV-A

"Its worth it."

Roland Patrick O. Remegio

Occupation: Accounts Receivable


"Kudos to this seminar. I learned a lot."

Kathleen Camille Libao

Occupation: Bookkeeper


"I gave five stars because the seminar was really worth the time and money, I salute the speaker for delivering the topic in an easy to understand manner plus she is very accomodating in answering questions from attendees."