Income Tax 101 for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Professionals

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Income Tax 101 for Entrepreneurs, Freelancers & Professionals

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Jose Mari Castro

Occupation: Student

Location: Region III

"The speaker is very knowledgeable of the topic and encourage participants to ask questions."

Rhoda Cuevas

Occupation: Lawyer


"simple, easy to understand, and value for money"

Nabeela Arcilla

Occupation: Student

Location: Region IX

"Very informative seminar. The speaker was very well prepared and very knowledgeable about the topic. She clearly answered all of our questions. Well worth the money."

Joseph R. Borromeo

Occupation: Engineer


"got all my answers"

Patricia Cabana

Occupation: Auditor

Location: Region IV-A

"Because i learned from this"

Pray Nadal

Occupation: Freelancer

Location: NCR

"I think the webinar is. not specifically focused for Freelancers. It is focused more on an employee with a side business."

Kathleen Camille Libao

Occupation: Bookkeeper


"I like the topics discussed in the seminar,it was very timely and necessary. The speaker was also good in delivering the topics in an easy to understand way."

Julius Manuel

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Location: Region IV-A

"Seminar tor new normal Is good experience, hope to hear other participants voice for more info sharing."

Jennifer Villanueva

Occupation: physician

Location: NCR

"high yield lectures that concentrate on the "need-to-know". I also learned from the questions raised by other attendees."

Mary Joyce De Dios

Occupation: Project Supervisor

Location: NCR


Mosmira Nebril

Occupation: office staff



Paolo Laurena

Occupation: Managing Partner

Location: NCR

"I learned and cleared my mind"

Jonalyn Interior

Occupation: Civil Engineer


"Improved my knowledge"

Coleen Ablao

Occupation: Accounting Assistant

Location: NCR

"The seminar was very informative and the speaker is knowlegeable about the topic that's why she deliver it very well."

Norvie Julious Incon

Occupation: Unit Manager

Location: Region VII

"For me it's excellent."

Stefanny Jean Kabingue

Occupation: Architect

Location: Region VII

Rovelyn Sabucido

Occupation: CEO

Location: Region VII

"I learned a lot of things that an entrepreneur should know that I had no idea about before this training. I am so glad I found this event on Facebook and will most likely take some more of the seminars they have."

Wendy Aline Abel

Occupation: Chief Accountant

Location: Region IV-A

"The seminar is very helpful."