Financial Accounting 101 For Entrepreneurs and Professionals

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Financial Accounting 101 For Entrepreneurs and Professionals

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Mariel Joy De Leon

Occupation: Project coordinator

Location: Region I

"The dedication of the speaker."

Vigiluz Garcia

Occupation: None

Location: Region III

"The speaker prepared an activity and gave us a time to answer it and because of that I can assess the knowledge I have learned in the said seminar."

Ceasar Noble

Occupation: DRIVER

Location: Region XII

"well explained topic"

Jechri Maluenda

Occupation: administrative assistant


"excellent presentation"

Raney Delos Reyes


Location: NCR

"Speaker is Well Versed"

Ferdinand De Guzman

Occupation: Engr

Location: NCR

"Learned a lot"

Jordan Pineda

Occupation: Teacher

Location: Region IV-A

"based on the knowledge that i acquired"

Glenda Agcanas

Occupation: Baker

Location: Region IV-A

"host(s) shld be punctual. i tried entering zoom meeting 15 mins before the meeting time i tried 3 times i got in past 6pm and they are still setting up. meeting started around 630pm connection was a bit choppy. speaker shld have whiteboard so we can visualize better what she is explaining. but overall speaker is knowledgable and able to answer all the questions about the topics and explained very well... very informative. thank you"

Airene Labay

Occupation: Accounting Officer

Location: Region IV-A

"I am not accountant graduate and also not related to my work. Currently planning to study accountancy this coming school year if possible. Due to your offered seminar conducted last Aug 18, 2020, I learned about basic accounting, even if i'm not going to study' i can use it for my future plan."

Michelle Nava

Occupation: Secretary

Location: NCR

"As a beginner, i had difficulty to understand some of the lessons. Maybe because i dont have backgrounds in accounting. I need more seminar to deepen my knowledge and use it for future references."

Rhys Gwyneth Polca

Occupation: Administrative Assistant III/Senior Bookkeeper

Location: Region I

"It was easy for me to understand the topics discussed during the seminar."

Graziell Marie De Leon

Occupation: Virtual Assistant (Staff)

Location: Region IV-A

"Need more visual examples. Thank you! I started to understand when other participants suggested visual examples."

Ma. Celia Laureno

Occupation: Senior Office Aide

Location: NCR

"I find it easy to understand and informative, The speaker is willing to answer questions. I just had problems with the connevtion."

Eden Pancho

Occupation: Pharmacist


"The speaker is really kind and very accommodating with our questions and the Information given is really important in my field of work."

Herian Roy Hernandez

Occupation: Government Employee

Location: Region IV-B

"I had a great learning experience."

Edna Mae Pancho

Occupation: Distributor

Location: Region IV-A

"Overall, the whole meeting is very satisfying for me. Especially I don't have any background in Accounting. It gave me a new view on how to budget everything for my small business, part-time jobs, and my daily life. The speakers are very approachable, very patient, and very detailed when it comes to explanation. And willing to help or answer every question that stuck on our mind. So, all in all, this meeting is totally worth my money."

Leopoldo Jr Albia

Occupation: Fire Officer

Location: Region XIII

"Excellent discussion"

Ariel A. Cortez

Occupation: Manager


"it needs some improvement on the speaker's bandwidth para di masyado choppy"

Jonalyn Interior

Occupation: Civil Engineer


"Improved my knowledge"

Alice Biag

Occupation: Bookkeeper/Finance Officer

Location: CAR

"I learned a lot and it was great!"